Speed at movement on the sports ground, the exact and well-rehearsed throws, ability to play it is command and harmoniously is, perhaps, the major rules which the best basketball players of the world have to possess. Plus, to everything, is played by physical data and growth of the basketball player large role. Despite that the best basketball players of the world is from the USA where this game and arose, popularity of basketball raising in many countries. In Euroleague of big victories the legendary basketball players achieved.

We want you to acquaint with representatives of basketball who declared themselves in NBA and other leagues. So, the best basketball players of the world, let’s get acquainted with them closer.

Clyde Drexler

Clyde DrexlerIn the list of the most famous basketball players of the world very first Clyde Drexler appears.

Was born in New Orleans, in 1963. Is the player on positions of the attacking defender, and also easy forward. Clyde in 1995 was a part “Houston Rockets” and at this time in association was called the champion, and earlier Olympic champion in 1992. Deserved the nickname “sliding” in a sporting world. Made 25 triple-doubles in NBA throughout all the career because of what and the NBA list took an honorable tenth place. By the way, in the NBA list as “the best-known player in the history” enters Clyde. It everything because the basketball player could score twenty thousand points for the career, he made six thousand selections and six thousand passes. Clyde Drexler played for “Portland” the most part of the career after that passed into “Houston”, having brought it in the NBA championship already in the first season a clear victory. The best basketball player of the world of the athlete called in 1996.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis RodmanIn 1961 was born in the city of Trenton. In Chicago Bulls club began the sports career where also famous basketball players, such as Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan played. Dennis, also played, except “Chicago Bulls”, for known clubs, such as “Dallas Mavericks” and “Los Angeles Lakers”. Has very many awards in basketball league. Rodman in show business too is the huge favorite: he takes the most active part in various radio and a TV show and acted in the movie, “Colony”, in 1997 were also Jean-Claude Van Damme played. Also, the basketball player, besides everything listed above, wrote the book under the name “I Want to Be Bad Ass”. Holds in NBA an honorable position of the couch since 2000.

George Mikan

George MikanAlmost in all professional basketball leagues George Mikan, and also in associations of the USA played. A victory in seven championships on its account. In a rating of the best players of a season, George took a place of honor three times. The basketball player, in addition, took four times part in a match in which all played the most famous players.
George Mikan after finished sports career, founded the American basketball association and became her honorable founder. Then Timberwolves, a basketball team which in NBA achieves enormous progress not one year based “Minnesota. It was included in the hall of glory of basketball players among fifty best players of NBA and the world.

Kobe Bryant

Bryant born in 1978 in Pennsylvania, in the city of Philadelphia was born. He is the attacking defender to “Los Angeles Lakers”. Since 1996 plays for this team where won the NBA championship together with Shaquille three times.
Is five-fold, the champion of association and in NBA called not once by the most productive basketball player. In addition, repeatedly supported the national team of stars of NBA. At the Olympic Games and the championship of America received gold in 2007-2008. Enters the five of the most famous athletes of decade.

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen is a player on a position of the “easy” forward, in the Chicago Bulls team. In games NBA brought a victory to team six times. Pippen, besides the team, played for the national team of the USA and there were the Olympic champion two times. Recently he was called the best basketball player, and it was included in the list of 50 best players of NBA.

Andrei Kirilenko

Though by origin practically all popular basketball players Americans, nevertheless our Andrei Kirilenko became a pleasant exception also. In 1981 he was born in the city of Izhevsk. In St. Petersburg began the career where moved together with parents. For the national team of the city Andrey started playing exactly here. Kirilenko’s team in 1995 in the championship of Russia won a victory. The basketball player after that passed into Russian super club CSKA. And with a known basketball team of the USA “Juta Jazz” the contract to Andrey was offered in 2000. The status of the leader Andrey was given in this team.

Shaquille O’Neal

The center 216-centimeter basketball player of “Phoenix Suns” was born in 1972 in the State of New Jersey, in the city of Newark. In the history of NBA it is considered one of the best athletes. To “Los Angeles Lakers” began the career. In NBA an honorary title of the champion won three years a contract.
Shaquille, besides basketball, acted in movies, “Steel” in 1997 and “Kazaam” in 1996, and also let out some rap albums.

Michael Jordan

In 1963 the athlete, which nickname “awful” was born. Playing for “Chicago Bulls” Michael received the first popularity. Was among the best basketball players of the world not once. Has five ranks in the nomination which the best basketball players of the world enter. Six times Chicago Bulls” brought “a victory, playing for it in league of NBA. In a basketball team “Washington Wizards” Jordan is a manager since 2000, played for it in 2003.

This is one of the few players who was recognized not once as the most valuable player(MVP) of NBA season.