In basketball standardly there are three positions or as they are called still, role:

  • point guard;
  • shooting guard;
  • small forward;
  • power forward;
  • center.

If to sort a situation in more detail, then it is possible to mark out five categories:

  • point guard;
  • shooting guard;
  • small forward;
  • powerful forward;
  • center.

All these positions are not regulated by rules of basketball and have formal character.

1. The point guard

Represents a position in basketball team. Playing better than others sees the playground, he estimates an arrangement of forwards. It creates conditions and situations on the platform so that each partner could bring as much as possible benefit to team. Playing knows strong and weaknesses of team of the rival. It is necessary skillfully to use advantages of the collective. Of players of this role it is characteristic:

  • absolutely free ball handling;
  • high speed;
  • dexterity in pass to a ring;
  • good spring ability.

In “young” years of basketball, the playing or first number, was engaged only in a combination draw at the beginning of the attack.

2. The shooting guard

It is called still the second number. It is the player’s position in basketball team. Two fundamental obligations enter a circle of actions of the attacking defender:

  • completion of the attacks;
  • guardianship of dangerous rivals in attack.

The attacking defender has to and is able to attack and to score points. Most often number two is the best sniper in team.

3. Small forward

Position in basketball team which still carries the name the third number. The main objective – points taking. Unlike defenders, players of attack have higher growth and, therefore, select a ball better and block throws. At the third numbers usually good throw practically from all distances.

4. Power forward

Respectively the fourth number carries the name. His main task – selection of a ball in attack and protection. Therefore, powerful forwards have to have uncommon physical force and endurance. Players of this type can easily put a ball in a ring.

5. Center

Center or fifth number plays under a ring. As a rule, it the highest among team players. Some players of this role can combine high mobility with the high growth, athletic data and play further from a ring.