Basketball game does not lose the popularity, every year winning the hearts and bodies of new and new children. The basketball is popular and known on all continents as among girls, and young men. Before beginning to play basketball, let’s choose a ball correctly. A certain type of a ball is intended for a game in different conditions.


There are three types of basketballs:

  • INDOOR – for inside courts;
  • OUTDOOR – for the street;
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR – i.e. universal.

game timeThe INDOOR balls make of genuine leather and synthetic materials, they possess good coupling. If to use a ball on asphalt, then it will serve to you not long, and its surface will wear out very quickly. Such balls do not recommend to play on the street. Professional basketball players choose a ball which has a special composite covering with microfiber addition. Microfiber promotes an excellent grasp of all ball. This material besides muffles blows.

The OUTDOOR balls make of synthetic materials. Balls there is enough stress at contact with asphalt, and also possess the improved coupling with a surface, and it gives to players the chance to perfectly control a ball.

The INDOOR/OUTDOOR balls are made most often of rubber that causes high wear resistance of this material at contact with a rough surface. A rubber ball it is good to play basketball on asphalt. It is better to use balls with a composite or synthetic covering on smooth, wooden or rubber surfaces.

If you are not sure where you are going to use the ball most you can get couple of them by going thru opinions and reviews by professionals who offer best basketballs recommendation with honest reviews of all type balls including indoor, outdoor and universal.


Pick up the correct size of a ball. They are four:

  1. The size 7 – length of a circle of a ball makes 760 mm, is suitable for men’s adult teams. Diameter of 9 — 9,5 inch, corresponds to 23-24 cm. Basketball weight about a half a kilogram.
  2. The size 6 – length of a circle of a ball of 730 mm an average ball, for women’s teams and young men age up to 16 years. It is used in WNBA (women’s basketball league).
  3. The size 5 – length of a circle of a ball makes 700 mm, it is a small ball, is suitable for junior teams, children up to 12 years.
  4. The size 3 – length of a circle of a ball makes 570 mm, is recommended for children’s teams.



The choice of a ball is strongly influenced by material. The best balls for a game on the street, and also the cheapest – rubber balls. At the same time quality corresponds to the price, that is they quickly wear out, become “slippery”.

More expensive and qualitative – balls from synthetic skin. Are considered as versatile persons, it is possible to play also on the street, and indoors. Are conveniently held in hand, serve long enough.

One step above balls from composite skin got. Composite skin – artificial material, at the same time very strong, very good on itself, can become an alternative to “original” leather balls. It is possible to play a ball from such material only in the gym, they to the touch very soft.

The leader in durability – a ball made from leather. Such balls expensive, are used only indoors and the best one today is Baden Elite. By the way, new balls from skin have unpleasant stick property to hands of players therefore some time that balls got ideal parameters is necessary. Balls from skin are used in all professional tournaments. Products are issued with marking of “Indoor use only” and “supreme leather” (i.e. quality skin).


Upon purchase of a basketball check whether well it is pumped up. If it is slightly lowered, then there is a probability that in the future it will be constantly blown off too. Better ask another model. Qualitatively mumpish ball thrown from height in 180 centimeters has to jump aside approximately centimeters on 120-130. One more way to check a product: release a ball from head level. The ball has to jump up to a belt. Do not forget to check the nipple.

You move a ball and check that in the vertical direction it well jumped aside. If takes away it in different directions – a product curve, it is not recommended to buy it. Do not hesitate, check at least 10 balls, this your right, you pay money.

It is not necessary to kick and sits down on a ball – it from it gets out of a shape.

At the choice of a ball consider its elasticity. If having played a ball, you felt that it was slightly lowered a little – a ball low-quality. Signs of a low-quality ball of swelling, so-called hernia.

After purchase it is necessary to pump up a ball all the same sometimes. Without skills necessary for this purpose do not do it by means of an ordinary needle or a needle for a ball at all. Use the special pump you can get at any sports store. Usually the necessary nozzle is included in a basic equipment of a ball.