In basketball standardly there are three positions or as they are called still, role:

  • point guard;
  • shooting guard;
  • small forward;
  • power forward;
  • center.

If to sort a situation in more detail, then it is possible to mark out five categories:

  • point guard;
  • shooting guard;
  • small forward;
  • powerful forward;
  • center.

All these positions are not regulated by rules of basketball and have formal character.

1. The point guard

Represents a position in basketball team. Playing better than others sees the playground, he estimates an arrangement of forwards. It creates conditions and situations on the platform so that each partner could bring as much as possible benefit to team. Playing knows strong and weaknesses of team of the rival. It is necessary skillfully to use advantages of the collective. Of players of this role it is characteristic:

  • absolutely free ball handling;
  • high speed;
  • dexterity in pass to a ring;
  • good spring ability.

In “young” years of basketball, the playing or first number, was engaged only in a combination draw at the beginning of the attack.

2. The shooting guard

It is called still the second number. It is the player’s position in basketball team. Two fundamental obligations enter a circle of actions of the attacking defender:

  • completion of the attacks;
  • guardianship of dangerous rivals in attack.

The attacking defender has to and is able to attack and to score points. Most often number two is the best sniper in team.

3. Small forward

Position in basketball team which still carries the name the third number. The main objective – points taking. Unlike defenders, players of attack have higher growth and, therefore, select a ball better and block throws. At the third numbers usually good throw practically from all distances.

4. Power forward

Respectively the fourth number carries the name. His main task – selection of a ball in attack and protection. Therefore, powerful forwards have to have uncommon physical force and endurance. Players of this type can easily put a ball in a ring.

5. Center

Center or fifth number plays under a ring. As a rule, it the highest among team players. Some players of this role can combine high mobility with the high growth, athletic data and play further from a ring.

Basketball game does not lose the popularity, every year winning the hearts and bodies of new and new children. The basketball is popular and known on all continents as among girls, and young men. Before beginning to play basketball, let’s choose a ball correctly. A certain type of a ball is intended for a game in different conditions.


There are three types of basketballs:

  • INDOOR – for inside courts;
  • OUTDOOR – for the street;
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR – i.e. universal.

game timeThe INDOOR balls make of genuine leather and synthetic materials, they possess good coupling. If to use a ball on asphalt, then it will serve to you not long, and its surface will wear out very quickly. Such balls do not recommend to play on the street. Professional basketball players choose a ball which has a special composite covering with microfiber addition. Microfiber promotes an excellent grasp of all ball. This material besides muffles blows.

The OUTDOOR balls make of synthetic materials. Balls there is enough stress at contact with asphalt, and also possess the improved coupling with a surface, and it gives to players the chance to perfectly control a ball.

The INDOOR/OUTDOOR balls are made most often of rubber that causes high wear resistance of this material at contact with a rough surface. A rubber ball it is good to play basketball on asphalt. It is better to use balls with a composite or synthetic covering on smooth, wooden or rubber surfaces.

If you are not sure where you are going to use the ball most you can get couple of them by going thru opinions and reviews by professionals who offer best basketballs recommendation with honest reviews of all type balls including indoor, outdoor and universal.


Pick up the correct size of a ball. They are four:

  1. The size 7 – length of a circle of a ball makes 760 mm, is suitable for men’s adult teams. Diameter of 9 — 9,5 inch, corresponds to 23-24 cm. Basketball weight about a half a kilogram.
  2. The size 6 – length of a circle of a ball of 730 mm an average ball, for women’s teams and young men age up to 16 years. It is used in WNBA (women’s basketball league).
  3. The size 5 – length of a circle of a ball makes 700 mm, it is a small ball, is suitable for junior teams, children up to 12 years.
  4. The size 3 – length of a circle of a ball makes 570 mm, is recommended for children’s teams.



The choice of a ball is strongly influenced by material. The best balls for a game on the street, and also the cheapest – rubber balls. At the same time quality corresponds to the price, that is they quickly wear out, become “slippery”.

More expensive and qualitative – balls from synthetic skin. Are considered as versatile persons, it is possible to play also on the street, and indoors. Are conveniently held in hand, serve long enough.

One step above balls from composite skin got. Composite skin – artificial material, at the same time very strong, very good on itself, can become an alternative to “original” leather balls. It is possible to play a ball from such material only in the gym, they to the touch very soft.

The leader in durability – a ball made from leather. Such balls expensive, are used only indoors and the best one today is Baden Elite. By the way, new balls from skin have unpleasant stick property to hands of players therefore some time that balls got ideal parameters is necessary. Balls from skin are used in all professional tournaments. Products are issued with marking of “Indoor use only” and “supreme leather” (i.e. quality skin).


Upon purchase of a basketball check whether well it is pumped up. If it is slightly lowered, then there is a probability that in the future it will be constantly blown off too. Better ask another model. Qualitatively mumpish ball thrown from height in 180 centimeters has to jump aside approximately centimeters on 120-130. One more way to check a product: release a ball from head level. The ball has to jump up to a belt. Do not forget to check the nipple.

You move a ball and check that in the vertical direction it well jumped aside. If takes away it in different directions – a product curve, it is not recommended to buy it. Do not hesitate, check at least 10 balls, this your right, you pay money.

It is not necessary to kick and sits down on a ball – it from it gets out of a shape.

At the choice of a ball consider its elasticity. If having played a ball, you felt that it was slightly lowered a little – a ball low-quality. Signs of a low-quality ball of swelling, so-called hernia.

After purchase it is necessary to pump up a ball all the same sometimes. Without skills necessary for this purpose do not do it by means of an ordinary needle or a needle for a ball at all. Use the special pump you can get at any sports store. Usually the necessary nozzle is included in a basic equipment of a ball.

Spalding – the producer of equipment for sport (from Springfield). The founder of this company is Albert Spalding who made the first basketball in honor of James Naismith, somewhere in the XIX-XX centuries. Since then the company started making basketballs, and balls for the National Basketball Association (NBA) – since 1983 Spalding – this first company which released balls for official games in basketball. In June, 2006 the National basketball association entered a new official ball. The novelty from Spalding had a new covering and design. This game ball allows better (according to the producer) to take and feel a ball during game. But at requests of most of players of NBA, on December 11, 2006 the ball was replaced nevertheless with last leather model.

Balls of Spalding firm play teams of the Highest basketball league, the Superleague, in league for children and young people, and in 2007 this company became the supplier of basketballs for BallReal (World tournament of streetball).

The Spalding company also provides basketballs for the consumer market.


One of the largest producers of basketballs is also the Wilson company. This company makes sports equipment in Chicago. It is well-known to productions of the high-quality basketballs which received names for the ability to absorb moisture during game. These basketballs use in the Moscow basketball league, in National association of student’s sport, and also them use in many school teams of the USA.

The Wilson company also provides basketballs for the consumer market.

Molten Corporation is a Japanese producer of goods for sport.
This company is one of the largest producers of basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs. The Molten basketballs, on an extent more than are used 20 years at the Olympic Games and in the European Superleague.

To the largest producers of basketballs also are:

the American company Rawlings which balls are used on tournaments in the Amateur sports union, and also in the largest streetball tournament in the USA.

The known company on production of sports goods – Nike. Basketballs of campaign of Nike use in games ULEB. In Philippines in National association of student’s sport, and also in University association in Philippines.

Speed at movement on the sports ground, the exact and well-rehearsed throws, ability to play it is command and harmoniously is, perhaps, the major rules which the best basketball players of the world have to possess. Plus, to everything, is played by physical data and growth of the basketball player large role. Despite that the best basketball players of the world is from the USA where this game and arose, popularity of basketball raising in many countries. In Euroleague of big victories the legendary basketball players achieved.

We want you to acquaint with representatives of basketball who declared themselves in NBA and other leagues. So, the best basketball players of the world, let’s get acquainted with them closer.

Clyde Drexler

Clyde DrexlerIn the list of the most famous basketball players of the world very first Clyde Drexler appears.

Was born in New Orleans, in 1963. Is the player on positions of the attacking defender, and also easy forward. Clyde in 1995 was a part “Houston Rockets” and at this time in association was called the champion, and earlier Olympic champion in 1992. Deserved the nickname “sliding” in a sporting world. Made 25 triple-doubles in NBA throughout all the career because of what and the NBA list took an honorable tenth place. By the way, in the NBA list as “the best-known player in the history” enters Clyde. It everything because the basketball player could score twenty thousand points for the career, he made six thousand selections and six thousand passes. Clyde Drexler played for “Portland” the most part of the career after that passed into “Houston”, having brought it in the NBA championship already in the first season a clear victory. The best basketball player of the world of the athlete called in 1996.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis RodmanIn 1961 was born in the city of Trenton. In Chicago Bulls club began the sports career where also famous basketball players, such as Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan played. Dennis, also played, except “Chicago Bulls”, for known clubs, such as “Dallas Mavericks” and “Los Angeles Lakers”. Has very many awards in basketball league. Rodman in show business too is the huge favorite: he takes the most active part in various radio and a TV show and acted in the movie, “Colony”, in 1997 were also Jean-Claude Van Damme played. Also, the basketball player, besides everything listed above, wrote the book under the name “I Want to Be Bad Ass”. Holds in NBA an honorable position of the couch since 2000.

George Mikan

George MikanAlmost in all professional basketball leagues George Mikan, and also in associations of the USA played. A victory in seven championships on its account. In a rating of the best players of a season, George took a place of honor three times. The basketball player, in addition, took four times part in a match in which all played the most famous players.
George Mikan after finished sports career, founded the American basketball association and became her honorable founder. Then Timberwolves, a basketball team which in NBA achieves enormous progress not one year based “Minnesota. It was included in the hall of glory of basketball players among fifty best players of NBA and the world.

Kobe Bryant

Bryant born in 1978 in Pennsylvania, in the city of Philadelphia was born. He is the attacking defender to “Los Angeles Lakers”. Since 1996 plays for this team where won the NBA championship together with Shaquille three times.
Is five-fold, the champion of association and in NBA called not once by the most productive basketball player. In addition, repeatedly supported the national team of stars of NBA. At the Olympic Games and the championship of America received gold in 2007-2008. Enters the five of the most famous athletes of decade.

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen is a player on a position of the “easy” forward, in the Chicago Bulls team. In games NBA brought a victory to team six times. Pippen, besides the team, played for the national team of the USA and there were the Olympic champion two times. Recently he was called the best basketball player, and it was included in the list of 50 best players of NBA.

Andrei Kirilenko

Though by origin practically all popular basketball players Americans, nevertheless our Andrei Kirilenko became a pleasant exception also. In 1981 he was born in the city of Izhevsk. In St. Petersburg began the career where moved together with parents. For the national team of the city Andrey started playing exactly here. Kirilenko’s team in 1995 in the championship of Russia won a victory. The basketball player after that passed into Russian super club CSKA. And with a known basketball team of the USA “Juta Jazz” the contract to Andrey was offered in 2000. The status of the leader Andrey was given in this team.

Shaquille O’Neal

The center 216-centimeter basketball player of “Phoenix Suns” was born in 1972 in the State of New Jersey, in the city of Newark. In the history of NBA it is considered one of the best athletes. To “Los Angeles Lakers” began the career. In NBA an honorary title of the champion won three years a contract.
Shaquille, besides basketball, acted in movies, “Steel” in 1997 and “Kazaam” in 1996, and also let out some rap albums.

Michael Jordan

In 1963 the athlete, which nickname “awful” was born. Playing for “Chicago Bulls” Michael received the first popularity. Was among the best basketball players of the world not once. Has five ranks in the nomination which the best basketball players of the world enter. Six times Chicago Bulls” brought “a victory, playing for it in league of NBA. In a basketball team “Washington Wizards” Jordan is a manager since 2000, played for it in 2003.

This is one of the few players who was recognized not once as the most valuable player(MVP) of NBA season.

World champions and the Olympic Games, “The most useful players” of NBA, recognized masters – sounds the version of top ten players of the world of the leaving decade, listing basketball players who on the way to victories improved and is irreversible changed an own sport.

In this list there are no many players who very famous now and are worthy to be here. Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Carmelo Antony, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard – behind these stars the present and the future of basketball. But they came to big basketball when decade already was in full blast, and at each of them in a stock the following. Including them, it should throw out someone from those who already spent, but was all ten years the person of world basketball and a place in the list deserved.

1. Kobe Bryant

kobe515In 10 years: four-time champion of NBA (2000, 2001, 2002, 2009), Olympic champion (2008), MVP NBA (2008).

All career of Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles consists of parallel layers: basketball and “Hollywood”. Equally steadily the defender of “Lakers” threw balls in a basket and delivered material for journalistic gossips. Kobe competed to the star partner in team. Quarreled with parents and married. Had legal proceedings not to go for many years to prison. All this is useful for newspaper circulations, but distracts from basketball. As the result, will be best of all to look Kobe Bryant’s game in archival records. When the person on the screen simply breaks the next record, wins the championship, and all forgot for a long time as it those days “built the relations”.

To experts it is simpler, than to fans to be discharged from alluvial and to estimate basketball properties of Bryant. The player densely located in the list of the best on game in defense – more habitual for “big” and those who is not enough stars from the sky in attack. Michael Jordan according to nodded: “He scores points, and then in protection wants to sponsor the leader of another team – I so would play”. Any sensible trainer will note as Bryant economically and accurately moves on a platform, his feints hold up as an example on workouts. Kobe is called the owner of the strongest game intelligence in league. In the summer-2009 the champion of NBA was engaged in that learned to play at Hakeem Olajuwon position of the center – ways to improve the skill should be found.

2. Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’NealIn 10 years: four-time champion of NBA (2000, 2001, 2002, 2006)

Last dominating center in the history, itself proclaimed “dinosaur”. Once, very long time ago, basketball was game of giants – at the heart of any decent team “column” which finished with all under a ring needed to be, and small it was necessary to bring cartridges. But the trainer’s thought does not stand still, and for some decades with giants learned to cope. Double and threefold guardianship in protection. Game by the undersized structure where all five players are universal and traditional “big” not to keep up neither in speed nor in skill.

Incredibly high Yao Ming strikes inhabitants, and in NBA him met by the phrase: “If powerfully you does not drive a ball from above – in this league even playing will cover your throw”. That eventually also it happened. It is necessary to be a unique person to play a role traditional center in zero years, and for this purpose it were required to Shaquille: the 160-kilogram weight attacking the arsenal from tens moves under a ring impressing for “big” grazed. Whether we will see the new traditional center? Chances are small – requirements are too high.

3. Tim Duncan

Tim DuncanIn 10 years: three-time champion of NBA (2003, 2005, 2007)

“The most boring MVP in the history of NBA” in combination acted as a pillar of the most successful team of decade. For a reporting interval of time any club did not win so often as it Spurs” Tim Duncan did “San Antonio – and it includes all American professional clubs. The team did not attract attention staginess, but the main thing that gave to the basketball world – fashion on “teams families” where to character of players pay not smaller attention, than to their skills on a platform. Duncan’s role is great here – having become the leader of “Spurs”, he turned actually into the playing trainer: the conductor of ideas of the mentor and “police officer” in team.

Duncan will become history as the person who revived a throw with a rebound from a board. That is, could enter if at the others well it turned out to imitate it. Many of those things which bring success to Duncan, are not original and are effective thanks to workmanship. Journalists had to break much the head to mark out some feature, and there was nothing more perceptible, than is bright from a board. Duncan also got the nickname “Mr. Fundamentals”, and it excellent: basic skills, reliability, a team basis – all in it.

4. Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk NowitzkiFew years ago, Michael Jordan criticized policy of NBA: it is not necessary to impose stars to fans, it is rather simple to show them what they did not see yet. Dirk Nowitzki became familiar from the very beginning of career – the high white player with an excellent distant throw. The image for the first time drew attention to the legionary and will forever be remembered. Over time the feeling of novelty became dull. The German was managed to be compared to his predecessors who though in a small amount, but were. In league, there was a fashion on throwing “big”, and at Nowitzki as to a star began to look narrowly more attentively. However, constantly adding, the German did not disappoint and became not simply noticeable, but also is rather uncontrollable.

It is considered to be that Nowitzki poorly plays in defense. In years in “Dallas” at the coach Don Nelson it played on a position center much and then practically to all opponents conceded in the weight, force and aggressiveness. In such conditions the player had to either break, or stand and inevitably to become better. Nowitzki, coming to German national team, now could play full “big”, and at the European level did not concede to anybody in rigidity any more. In NBA – came to minimum decent level of protection, and then overcame it. In ten years Nowitzki played only for two traditionally modest teams – the national team and “Dallas Mavericks”, and both took a huge step forward. Appetite comes during a meal, now demand the first places from Nowitzki’s teams, and this achievement in itself. However, a stop not in plans of the German, but it already absolutely other decade.

5. Allen Iverson

Allen IversonIn 10 years: MVP NBA (2001), leader in most valuable players list.

In the three of the best for all history NBA on average productivity – Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and the player who in 183 centimeters has to be grateful for the official growth to someone’s generosity. Allen Iverson in the best years – continuous threat to receive 50 points in the ring. It is hard to say as responsible people reported to the administration. All of them know, who the most dangerous player at other team. All of them know what exactly he is able. Ten trainers and scouts with serious faces prepare the plan for a match – decisive day comes, and the little guy again gives out big game. Was not in the history of league of the player at the same time so talented and impudent, let not only in the sports plan, unfortunately. It is not accepted to speak about it but to score many points in NBA, the impudence is necessary.

In some sort, Iverson is John Stockton zero years: externally ordinary person what it is possible to face at a bus stop, and in practice – the outstanding basketball player. A lot of things in Iverson’s game kept at an outstanding speed, but one-planned players in league do not survive and the more so do not become the most productive on a ten-year piece.